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Degree Day/Automatic Delivery

Future deliveries are scheduled when your fuel level reaches 30%. This is calculated by using an average fuel consumption based on your past five deliveries. Our weather station records degree days based on temperature, solar, and wind. These degree days, combined with your usage factors, are used to calculate the percentage in the tank on a daily basis. Daily usage for a water heater, stove, and clothes dryer are also figured in if they apply to your account.

Will Call

It is recommended you call when the tank percentage is 30%. We require three business days notice to allow your delivery to be worked into our regular routes. No after hours or weekend deliveries when on will call. Will call status must be in writing. Minimum delivery requirements apply.

Pay in Advance

Check your gauge when the tank percentage is forecasted to be at 30% and call in to get a quote on what a fill up will cost. Upon receiving payment your delivery will be scheduled within three business days. No after hours or weekend deliveries on Pay in Advance accounts. Minimum delivery requirements apply.

Minimum Delivery

Minimum delivery is 100 gallons for all tanks. If you have any questions about our propane delivery service, please contact us.